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Who should I notify when moving house?

In all the hustle and bustle of moving house, it can be easy to forget to notify important bodies about your change of address. So, to help the process run a little smoother and hopefully, as a result, reduce the stress on your shoulders; Bell & Sons have come up with this handy guide to who you should notify of your change of UK address.

Government authorities 

The first port of call once you’re moved into your new home should be to contact the DVLA and update the address on your driving licence and vehicle registration. On top of this, you will need to contact HMRC and the Department of Work & Pensions and notify them of your new address. 

Finally, you make sure you contact your local authority and ask for your final statement of your council tax, as well as this it might be worthwhile to update your details on the electoral register at the same time.

Utility companies

Be sure to take meter readings before you leave your previous abode, and let your gas electricity and water company know the exact date that you’ll be moving. As soon as you move to your new home be sure to take a reading of any meters in the property and get in touch with your energy suppliers.

Phone and miscellaneous bills

If you have regular bills with any company then they will need to be updated with your new address. This is especially true in the case of your home broadband etc as you will need to be set up at your new address.

Insurance and banking 

For security reasons, you should contact your bank and update your details, as this can sometimes be used as a way to verify identity. You will also need to update your home insurance provider to the changes as your policy may be void otherwise. If you drive, don’t forget to update your car insurance details as well!

Use the Post Offices mail redirect service to avoid any loss of mail
This service will direct all your post to your new address and takes ten days to come into effect. You can even keep it for up to 12 months after your move date to ensure that you receive all of your mail.

A reliable removals company

Hiring a trustworthy removals company can really take the strain off of moving house. At Bell & Sons, we have a wealth of experience (33 years to be precise) in domestic removals at a local, national and international level! We even offer a packing service to help box up your possessions safely and securely. Contact us today for a quote and get your move underway.

Top Tips For Beating The Heat Whilst Moving House In The Summer

Summer and moving home often go hand in hand, with over 29% of all moves occurring in the summer months, between June, July and August according to Compare My Move. The figures are understandable, the days are longer, the weather is pleasant (well sometimes!) and the children are on holiday from school.

However, summer poses its own challenges for moving house, the increased heat and the demand for removal companies all add to what is already a very stressful exercise. So, to help make your summer move go as seamlessly as possible, the team at Bell & Sons offer up their top tips to help make moving house in the summer a little more bearable. 

Start early in the morning:

We’re not saying that you have to wake up at the crack of dawn, but the earlier you start moving in the day, the better. You’ll have extra time to deal with all of those things that inevitably crop up on the day and with any luck, be unloading the van before the sun has the chance to bring the full force of its rays to bare. Both your family and the removals team will thank you for this!

Make sure everyone is hydrated:

Even before midday the sun can put out a serious amount of heat and lugging heavy boxes around in heavy overalls is definitely a sure-fire way to dehydrate quickly. Making sure you have plenty of bottled water within easy reach is a good idea. 

Keep a day bag with a change of clothes toiletries and sleepwear:

Much like you would flying, keep a smallish day bag with you with a change of clothes and toiletries. All your clothes will have been packed and you’re definitely going to want to change out of the clothes you’ve been shifting things around in all day, as more than likely they’ll be pretty grubby, sweaty or both! Rummaging around in your suitcase for clean clothes at the end of what will probably be a long day, is not what you want to be doing. 

Keep snacks in easy reach:

You’re probably not going to get the time to sit down for a proper meal, so making sure you have enough healthy snacks within easy reach for when you need to replenish your energy levels is a must. Try and avoid high sugar items as you don’t want the dreaded sugar slump midway through the unpacking.

Why not help reduce the stress of moving this summer by hiring a professional removals team to help you pack up your home as well as provide the transport? Contact Bell & Sons today to have a friendly informal chat and see what we can offer you.

Looking to Relocate? Read Our Handy Guide First

Relocating is a decision not to be taken lightly after all moving house is a stressful enough affair, so upping sticks and moving to an entirely new area is bound to set the butterflies going.

Whatever your reasons for relocating, whether it’s a new job, love or just simply because you want a change of scenery, chances are if you’re reading this that you’ve already made the decision; now you need to put the plan into action.

One of the first things you’re going to want to do is organise your belongings and make yourself a plan. Having a clear checklist on your head is a good way to help avoid unnecessary stress, if you’re struggling to formulate a plan then Bell & Sons can offer you expert advice on how to best approach this. In the meantime, the following tips could help you with planning your big move.

Sort through your belongings

Relocation is a good excuse for a sort out! Going through all your belongings and getting rid of things that you no longer need, use or wear can be good for your own headspace and make moving loads lighter. You’re relocating to have a fresh start. Keeping hold of things that simply clutter your living space will make your new home feel less like a fresh start and more like chaos.

Plan your packing schedule

Create an inventory of your belongings, this will help you organise your packing rota as well as keep tabs on things come the day of the move. Try organising your items by usage, from least used through to most. This way you will avoid packing things you will need too early and avoid having to reopen all your neatly packed boxes.

Start your packing earlier rather than later

Leaving your packing to the last minute is a sure fire way to heap the pressure on your shoulders and cause you to pack in a disorganised manner. This will have a knock on effect when you reach your destination at the other end when you find yourself furiously piling through boxes to find items that you need.

Get a quote from a reliable removals company

Whether you’re moving across the country or even internationally, Bell & Sons can provide you with a free quote to all destinations. We can offer full and part loads to the continent and further afield with the option of either sea or air transportation.

Make yourself at home

Once you reach your destination it’s import to make sure you settle. Introduce yourself to your neighbours and work colleagues. Go out and experience the local area and culture (particularly if you are moving overseas). Joining local activity and community groups are perfect for making new friends.

You can find more information on relocating on our UK, European and International removals pages. Need help with packing? We can help you with all aspects of your move. Call us today or email us for a quote and get your relocation underway.


Do removal companies pack for you?

A question that we hear a lot here at Bell & Sons is – do removal companies pack for you?  Our answer is yes, of course. We provide a variety of services to help you get on your way including a full packing service. Our expert team members are experienced packers that ensure every part of your homeware is protected and handled carefully.  

However, we understand everybody’s circumstances and sometimes a home packing service isn’t the right choice for some people. Moving home can be stressful so we thought we could help by sharing our top tips on making your move go as smooth as possible.

1: Start early

For larger homes, we recommend that you start packing two months ahead of your move date, within this time you can aim to pack one box per day.

For smaller homes and apartments we estimate one-month advance packing. We find that when people pack the last minute, items get lost or damaged and overall the experience can be consuming and stressful for everyone.

2: De-clutter

It is always good to de-clutter. There is a famous quote “The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” As moving house can sometimes be a fresh new start for some families de-cluttering un-used items can feel refreshing and could be a weight the shoulders.

There’s also a good opportunity to make some extra cash during a clear out. Organize your unwanted belongings into groups of recycling, donations, and items to sell, We recommend selling at a car boot sale, that way you can sell everything you in one day.

3: Pack in order of convenience

You should start packing up your rooms in order of use, for example, a spare room or a dining room are rooms that can be unused for some weeks prior to your move. The same applies to your belongings, it wouldn’t be ideal to pack in advance and pack your kitchen and crockery away first. Always pack and unpack in accordance with item use.

4: Have the right supplies

When preparing to move homes it is essential that you are fully stocked in packing supplies. Cardboard boxes sometimes just won’t do make sure you have the following:

Heavy Duty Boxes Bubble Wrap Labels
Medium Boxes Packing Tape Marker Pens
Small Boxes Old Newspapers Large Bags 

5: Our expert tips

We have been in the business of moving and removals for a while, along the way we have picked up some handy tips on how to make your move go swiftly. We recommend you pack your valuables i.e jewellery in a small container and keep them with you, that way they won’t get misplaced. We recommend you pack a “survival box”. No its not for Z day, it’s for those items that you can’t live without such as your toothbrush, toilet roll, medication a change of clothes, whatever. tailor it to your’s and your families needs.

Ultimately our top tip is to hire us at  Bell & Sons as helping hands through your house move. We provide our own boxes and packing materials with quality and safe transit assured.

We offer services in removals, shredding, packaging, and storage.  Our services cover Leicestershire, Warwickshire and the Midlands, for a quotation click here


How to use your self-storage unit effectively this Easter

With Easter around the corner, you are bound to be thinking about time off work, gorging on chocolate eggs and possibly even planning an Easter egg hunt for the little ones.  

But for some of us, the Easter break can be an excellent use of time to de-clutter the house and even getting our decorating gloves on.

We have decided to give you the ultimate tips on why you should invest in a self storage unit over the Easter period and how you can use your storage unit proactively this April.

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts can be a lot of fun but in order to have a successful hunt – you will need a plan of action, especially if you have children coming round!

If you feel you have too much furniture around or there are sentimental items that you don’t want to risk being damaged, one asset you can obtain is a self storage unit.

You will be able to place large or small items in a safe and secure place, allowing you to operate a fun and secure environment for your egg seekers on the big day!

Once your Easter break has ended, you can easily get your belongings back into your property safe and sound, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that your items have been out of reach of accidents.

Spring cleaning

It is that time where we can wave hello to a brand new season and say goodbye to the ugly weather of winter. With the sun out and green leaves on the trees, it is the perfect time to spruce up your home and spring clean your property.

Spring cleaning is a fantastic way of decluttering and producing new life to your home.

A self storage unit can assist you with achieving your goal, without the risk of damaging any valuable items you may have or a higher risk of injury while circulating your property.

You will be able to place large items into storage, allowing you to move around your home freely – guaranteeing safety and security for not only yourself and others, but your items as well.

Decorating your home

Spring is a fantastic opportunity to dust off those paint pots in the attic and get your hands on those home improvement design magazines.

Re-vamping the interior of your property can be extremely rewarding and therapeutic – but be careful of the sofa!

Laying the normal plastic sheets down can only go so far, so if you have any items you don’t want to risk having a new coat of paint on – get yourself a self storage unit!

It is a very popular choice, especially when decorating your home and giving it a brand new look.

With zero risks of damage and permanent paint, you will be able to paint your way through the house with a clear and visionary mindset.

Moving away, near or far

If you are in the midst of a big change such as moving away, whether that will be in the UK or abroad, a self storage unit would be the ideal fit for you and your adventure.

It can be strange to bring the entirety of your home to another, especially if you want to give your brand a new destination and it’s own statement.

Purchasing brand new furniture and items to make a house a home can be an exciting opportunity – but what about the items you have currently?

Well, Bell & Sons are here to help you.

We can provide you with suitable storage units that can provide your old home items with a safe and secure place to be – until you either return to the country or decide to even sell your items at a later date.

Whatever the purpose, we can provide you with a solution.

Your provider is here

Here at Bell & Sons, we put our customer needs first.

We can supply you with a variety of seized self storage units that are ideal for your bespoke circumstances.

So, whether you are organising an Easter hunt, giving your home that much needed spring clean or travelling off to a distant land – we can supply you with the ultimate result.

Feel free to contact our team today with any queries that you may have and come check out our secure containerised storage facility – available for any circumstance you may have. 

Moving to Nuneaton? Read this first!

Whether you are moving to Nuneaton or have decided to open a brand new office in Nuneaton, it is the perfect opportunity as it is the largest town in Warwickshire.

Investing in a removal service will assist you to get the job done professionally and effectively, making sure your items are transported to Nuneaton with care and diligence.

We thought we would assist your decision and give you some fantastic reasons as to why you should move with the assistance of a removals company.

An experienced and professional team

The idea of packing boxes may not seem like the most difficult task in the world but there are certain strategies and tactics involved in making sure your items are safe and secure when they are in transit.

By hiring a trained team, you will have the peace of mind that your items will be taken care of accordingly and that no matter the weight, size or level of fragility.

You also receive the correct resources when you hire an external storage company as they will always be fully-stocked of strong, reliable tape, endless amounts of bubble wrap for your fragile items and a variety of cardboard boxes. It is important that your items are securely packed correctly, that they are categorised effectively and all fragile items have pursued the safest process for their protection during transit to Nuneaton.

Right on schedule

Removal services work with you to provide a schedule that will produce a best fit for you and your agenda. You will be able to communicate aspects such as dates, times, type of product and destination.

By communicating effectively with your removal service, you will be able to move to Nuneaton with ease, providing you peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your move that need your attention.

When you communicate with your removal company, the below list of points may come in handy in order for you to proceed with a successful move.

  • The date of your move
  • The time period you wish your removal service to come to your premises
  • The location you are moving from
  • A list of any heavy or large items.
  • A list of fragile items that will need extra attention
  • Any items that you have already packed/ wish to pack yourself
  • A list of your items and where you wish them to be located in your new property
  • Any items that you don’t wish to take and have banned to place in storage

Need storage? We have got you covered!

If you have any items that you don’t wish to have transported to your new property/office, you can place them into storage for safe keeping.

Storage provides you with an array of opportunities for different situations such as:

  • If you wish to place items in storage to be transported to your new property at a later date
  • If you are planning on decorating your new property and wish to keep your items safe while you do soI
  • If you have items you wish to sell and you want to keep them in a secure location
  • If you wish to process your items in batches with different times and dates

It is a very popular service that removal services provide to their customers, allowing them to pursue the option of storage for an array of situations and the protection of their fragile, sentimental of heavy items.

How to find a supplier

Bell and Sons is the leading provider of removals and storage within the areas of Leicestershire, Rugby and Northamptonshire.

We provide an array of services, not just storage and removals, so contact our specialists today for a free, no obligation quote!

Get the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day is only around the corner, the pressure is rising rapidly to make the day romantic as possible as it is the day of love annually.

Are you in a position where you need to grab some ideas and inspiration? Need assistance in making a romantic night happen?

Well, you have come to the right blog as Bell and Sons are here to be your assisting Cupid for the big day.

We decided to give you some tips and ideas on making your loved one feel special, appreciated and happy with your efforts this Valentine’s Day. So, let’s get stuck in!

Practical yet thoughtful

If you are thinking of making a major impact for your partner, you are probably going to need the space for this wild and extravagant gesture of love, right? A storage unit is perfect for holding any furniture and fixtures that are going to get in the way! While a storage unit may not be your first choice of a romantic offering, it is an incredibly thoughtful one – showing your loved one that you have made the effort.

Having a cluttered home can tarnish the romantic setting you are trying to provide, so making sure that your living space is clean and tidy by having a good clear out of clutter and rubbish will enhance that love for sure by placing it either in the bin or using our storage containers, so your items can be kept safe and collected when it suits you.

Get a little silly

Valentine’s Day cliche presents. You don’t want to be one of those partners that follow the crowd, do you? Of course not. You want to stand out and be spontaneous and you can by being romantic and giving your loved one a little fun at the same time.

Purchase a giant teddy bear, surround it with roses petals and fill its arms with chocolate and little mementos.

Place your new friend in our containers and we will make sure they are safe and sound for when the big reveal is needed!

Now that you have had some ideas to get the balling rolling, which storage unit will you need for the perfect gift? Whether you are tidying the house up, hiding a large gift or simply storing some personal possessions that are cluttering your house, Bell and Son’s will find the perfect fit for you.

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day and if you have any queries, contact us today as our specialists are always happy to advise you.

You’re running out of time for that big move to Europe!

So, have you seen the news lately? Just in case you have been living under a rock, it has been two and a half years since Brexit first appeared into our lives here in the UK.

It is worth the reminder that 29th March is fast approaching for the official leaving date from the European Union (EU).

This may affect many situations within your position, but one thing is for sure that our customers are contacting our international mover’s department, and we are busy.

Under these circumstances, it is best to contact us no later than 10 weeks before your big move to Europe with Brexit in the picture.

If you haven’t yet requested a quote or haven’t contacted us, you don’t need to panic.

We have been in this industry since 1997 and we will progress with our services as both UK and International movers throughout Brexit and the aftermath of Brexit.

We have many services to offer and can create bespoke packages that attend to your every requirement right up to your moving day and beyond.

Part load or full load? They’re both options with us

A key decision you need to make is what will be the ideal container for you. When contemplating the right International mover for you, seek out whether you will be presented with the choice of a full or part container service.

With this in mind, you will be more likely inclined to choose based on your budget and the capacity that you need for your move, although, how flexible your schedule is, is also going to pose as a factor when it comes to your relocation journey.

Don’t forget our various associated services, too

Whether or not you are planning to relocate due to the events of Brexit or not, it will assist your stress levels and will give you peace of mind if you choose to work with an international movers company. With these forms of services, you have there services that are available to you which we will speak further into right now.

Aspects to look out for when investigating other services is to explore the possibility of storage and whether the company maintains a stable location for easy access. With the storage option in mind, look at their packing process to make sure they provide a professional and secure service for you and your relocation process.

Here at Bell and Sons Removals, we can supply you with all of the essential services that you will need for a successful move to Europe.

Whatever the result of Brexit or where your new life begins overseas, when you choose Bell and Sons as your chosen removal service, you can expect the same level of friendly, professional service – every time.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote today!

Moving overseas? Read this first!

Moving to another country can be extremely exciting but also daunting with uncertainty. With the right company, you will be able to have a swift and productive removal service, guaranteeing you peace of mind by the time your move occurs.

Here at Bell and Sons, we are asked constantly asked about the functions and developments of our International Removals service. So we thought we would write an article, giving you some core tips to consider when planning and proceeding with your exciting international move abroad.

Make sure all your documents are safe and secure

Moving abroad isn’t just getting on a plane – there are many documents you require such as an official visa and copies of necessary documents you will need in that country.

If you are planning on taking documents within your storage, for extra care, place all documents and loose paper in a binder – guaranteeing that your documents are all in one place so when you start to unpack in your new home, you will know exactly where everything is.

Whether you choose Air Freight or Deep Sea your documents will be safe within your container – just make sure you have all you need.

Tip: Label your binders if you are going to use numerous binders for your documents.

Declutter your home  

You don’t have to put your entire life in your international transportation cargo, by placing items in storage, you will be able to send for these items at a later date or store them to donate at a later date through family and friends.

It can be very hard to let go of items, especially items that you have had for many years and have bonded with. But you must remember that many items that are in your home can be replaced when you arrive at your brand new off-shore home. So don’t panic!

Get some help from a moving company

Even when you have organised what you will need to take with you on your journey and what you can let go, you probably won’t be able to fit it all in the passenger seat next to you on the plane.

An international mover company can provide you with a whole package for your relocation, from document storage and any items you know you don’t need just yet.

When you are planning your relocation, make sure you keep these tips in mind in order to simplify your journey.

  • Organise what you wish to take with you for your relocation, what items you wish to place in storage and what items you wish to donate to charity
  • Label all boxes – you don’t want to donate a box you wish to keep!
  • Make sure all documents are safe – use binders and either take with you or place in storage.
  • Contact a reliable and experienced removal company to aid you with your queries and choices of Air Freight and Deep Sea Containers.

If you decide to get some help with your move, look no further than Bell and Sons.

If you’re moving internationally, we can provide you with a free quote for all destinations.

Using our experience in overseas moves, we will give you advice on all aspects of overseas moves, including items that may not be practical to transport, details on any special packing or transportation needs.

Give our friendly representatives a call at any time or visit our website to find out move about our moving services and get your free moving quote.

Did you find this blog interesting? For more information on our International Removers service, please Contact Us today.

Why you should hire an external source for your shredding?

Are you in an office environment where there are large quantities of paper lying around and piling up? Disposing of this amount of paper is usually sentenced to the office shredder, resulting in valuable time and effort being used up. 

Can you really afford to lose this time?

When you have a huge amount of sensitive documentation, you want to have these documents destroyed accordingly, making sure that no-one gains access to them.

Outsourcing shredding companies will use industrial high tech shredders that shred documents effectively and destroy your documents in large quantities.

But are professional shredding services right for your company, and how can they benefit your business?

It cuts your costs

Outsourcing your shredding will save your business money. Guaranteed.

When you are shredding within your office environment, you need to implement and consider the costs of various aspects such as maintenance, equipment, purchasing parts and the effect of your utility bills.

When you apply these points, your monthly costs can increase your expenses – this is an unnecessary cost for you as the outsourced shredding company will take care of all of these elements for you. 

Professional shredding services, just like Bell and Sons, allows you to regain your staff from providing tasks such as this, allowing your staff to have a productive day and operate accordingly, not undergoing menial tasks such as shredding.

It is, of course, an option to purchase an industrial-grade shredder, with the attribute to destroy all your sensitive documentation in large quantities. But they have a hefty price tag and due to their size, you won’t be able to neatly place this item under your desk.

Our tip?

Stop providing unnecessary capital to the menial task of shredding documents in the office, it is costing your company valuable time and money. Instead, appoint a professional shredding service who will provide with the ultimate money-saving option!

It saves you time

Shredding documents in the office is a time-consuming manual task.

Imagine. Placing documents 1 or 2 at a time, standing there, wasting time…

This is costing you valuable time that could be utilised effectively with tasks for your business objectives.

There are also aspects such as staples that need to be removed, from each document before shredding and paper needs to be straightened to make sure there won’t be any paper becoming stuck in the system. In addition to this, shredders need to be emptied due to the documentation waste and oil needs to be replaced.

This can be quite a daunting task for yourself and your employees, resulting in your staff fatigued and unable to function accordingly for their daily duties.

When you hire a professional shredding service, they will make sure that all of the above tasks are dealt with accordingly, from beginning to the end of the process.

Here at Bell and Sons, we gain access to your documentation you wish to shred within your process, you also receive a certificate of destruction, providing you with a solid peace of mind that your sensitive documentation has been destroyed.

It is highly efficient

As you have been reading this blog, you are probably not surprised that it is a highly efficient option for your office environment.

With the added incentives of saving money and time, hiring an outsourced shredding provider is much more effective than in-house shredding.

Ask yourself, why would you continue to use small and impractical shedders for large quantities of sensitive documentation, providing menial work for your employees when you can take the easy approach and hire a professional shredding service who will provide all the services you need and cut out the time-wasting?

Outsourced shredding companies are used for a reason. We use efficient industrial shredders that provide large rotating blades, so we can place large quantities of documentation into our systems, within an extended time period.

It is a well-known fact that smaller office shredding machines are simply unable to handle the large quantities of paper without, of course, damaging the shredder itself, causing it to break.

When it comes to office shredders, they can only take a small amount of documentation whereas hiring an outsourced shredding provider can provide a quick service with their large quantities of paper that can be destroyed in bulk.

Which one would you choose?

Security, Security, Security

It is a priority that security and data protection is at the forefront of your documentation that needs to be destroyed.

With many stories involving data breaches and documentation of high sensitivity being either lost or stolen, it is of the highest importance that your documents are safe from theft.

Here at Bell and Sons, we make it our highest priority that your documents are transferred to use safely and destroyed with our high-tech industrial shredders, guaranteeing your documents are pulverised and will be unable to read as they will not be able to be reconstructed by any human or machine.

After destroying your documents, we recycle the paper, making sure that the environment is protected as well as your company.

As mentioned, we also issue a certificate of destruction for each bag of documents you send into us at Bell and Sons. This provides you with notifications of the entire shredding process, from A to Z, guaranteeing you a peace of mind.

It is environmentally friendly

When you use an outsourced shredding company, they will always ensure that all of your sensitive documentation will be recycled with the correct procedure, ensuring that there is minimal impact on the environment and your security.

By pursuing this option, you are not only providing a more eco-friendly option for your company but your company will also be able to comply with the environmental legislation that our country provides.

Plus, your customers will be able to see that you are environmentally friendly and compliant to legislation, resulting in positives views and will assist the expansion of your companies reputation.

A green business is a happy business!

Here at Bell and Sons, we are proud to provide not only office shredding but also home shredding for your private, personal documentation such as bank statements.

Ross Glew

Your removal men were a pleasure to work with - I have no hesitation in highly recommending your company.

Pete Green

The removals guys are exceptional & will go above & beyond to help your move go as smooth as possible. I recommend them as much as I can.

James Frost

The service from first contact was excellent. Your staff are supportive & extremely helpful at all times. We would certainly use you again!