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Feeing Fragile – Top Tips on Packing Breakable Items

There are fewer more annoying instances when moving house than arriving at your destination to find the box with your glassware sounding… broken! You open it up in a panic to find your fears confirmed and shards of broken glass everywhere! Not the ideal start to life in your new home.

However, before you decide that maybe plastic beakers are the way forward and dismiss the idea of even bothering to pack your breakables, the good folk at Bell & Sons have compiled this handy guide in order to help you avert disaster.

Failing to plan equals planning to fail

It might sound obvious but planning your packing schedule will help give you the time to pack your items properly and help sidestep and avoidable breakages. Start well in advance of moving day and don’t rush to cram everything in!

Make sure you’re equipped

It’s often said that “a poor craftsman blames his tools”, but in this case, the lack of the right tools can have a massive effect on whether your prize china makes it to your new home in one piece…or several pieces! A quick glance down this list will determine the core items that you’ll need.

  • Quality boxes – You’ll need a few different sizes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard – This needs to be flexible for use as separators
  • A decent pair of scissors
  • Packing tape

“So how do I actually pack my breakables?” 

Plates and crockery:

Pack plates in medium to small boxes. Use packing paper to line the bottom and the top of the box and wrap up each individual plate in bubble wrap and fasten securely with packing tape. Use the packing paper to separate each plate from the one above and below. Take care as well, not to overpack the box.


Wrap glasses individually, using packing paper and place crumpled packing paper inside the glasses to minimise empty space and increase support. Using small or medium-sized boxes and line thoroughly with packing paper. Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box and be sure to fill any empty spaces with packing paper.

Pictures & frames:

The way to pack picture frames depends on the sizing of said frame. Smaller 8-inch frames can be packed vertical with crumpled packing paper in between. Be sure to wrap each individual frame with packing paper and line the box with paper to give extra support.

Large frames (over 3ft) should require the use of a moving blanket. Once secured wrap them in plastic sheeting and move them individually.

Get the experts to do it for you!

If you’re still apprehensive about packing up your breakable items then why not request a packing service from a professional removals company?

Bell & Sons serve the entire Leicestershire area, so whether you’re moving locally or further afield you can rely on a thorough and reliable packing service ensure the best protection for your valuables. Contact us today for your free quotation.

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