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Why you should hire an external source for your shredding?

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Are you in an office environment where there are large quantities of paper lying around and piling up? Disposing of this amount of paper is usually sentenced to the office shredder, resulting in valuable time and effort being used up. 

Can you really afford to lose this time?

When you have a huge amount of sensitive documentation, you want to have these documents destroyed accordingly, making sure that no-one gains access to them.

Outsourcing shredding companies will use industrial high tech shredders that shred documents effectively and destroy your documents in large quantities.

But are professional shredding services right for your company, and how can they benefit your business?

It cuts your costs

Outsourcing your shredding will save your business money. Guaranteed.

When you are shredding within your office environment, you need to implement and consider the costs of various aspects such as maintenance, equipment, purchasing parts and the effect of your utility bills.

When you apply these points, your monthly costs can increase your expenses – this is an unnecessary cost for you as the outsourced shredding company will take care of all of these elements for you. 

Professional shredding services, just like Bell and Sons, allows you to regain your staff from providing tasks such as this, allowing your staff to have a productive day and operate accordingly, not undergoing menial tasks such as shredding.

It is, of course, an option to purchase an industrial-grade shredder, with the attribute to destroy all your sensitive documentation in large quantities. But they have a hefty price tag and due to their size, you won’t be able to neatly place this item under your desk.

Our tip?

Stop providing unnecessary capital to the menial task of shredding documents in the office, it is costing your company valuable time and money. Instead, appoint a professional shredding service who will provide with the ultimate money-saving option!

It saves you time

Shredding documents in the office is a time-consuming manual task.

Imagine. Placing documents 1 or 2 at a time, standing there, wasting time…

This is costing you valuable time that could be utilised effectively with tasks for your business objectives.

There are also aspects such as staples that need to be removed, from each document before shredding and paper needs to be straightened to make sure there won’t be any paper becoming stuck in the system. In addition to this, shredders need to be emptied due to the documentation waste and oil needs to be replaced.

This can be quite a daunting task for yourself and your employees, resulting in your staff fatigued and unable to function accordingly for their daily duties.

When you hire a professional shredding service, they will make sure that all of the above tasks are dealt with accordingly, from beginning to the end of the process.

Here at Bell and Sons, we gain access to your documentation you wish to shred within your process, you also receive a certificate of destruction, providing you with a solid peace of mind that your sensitive documentation has been destroyed.

It is highly efficient

As you have been reading this blog, you are probably not surprised that it is a highly efficient option for your office environment.

With the added incentives of saving money and time, hiring an outsourced shredding provider is much more effective than in-house shredding.

Ask yourself, why would you continue to use small and impractical shedders for large quantities of sensitive documentation, providing menial work for your employees when you can take the easy approach and hire a professional shredding service who will provide all the services you need and cut out the time-wasting?

Outsourced shredding companies are used for a reason. We use efficient industrial shredders that provide large rotating blades, so we can place large quantities of documentation into our systems, within an extended time period.

It is a well-known fact that smaller office shredding machines are simply unable to handle the large quantities of paper without, of course, damaging the shredder itself, causing it to break.

When it comes to office shredders, they can only take a small amount of documentation whereas hiring an outsourced shredding provider can provide a quick service with their large quantities of paper that can be destroyed in bulk.

Which one would you choose?

Security, Security, Security

It is a priority that security and data protection is at the forefront of your documentation that needs to be destroyed.

With many stories involving data breaches and documentation of high sensitivity being either lost or stolen, it is of the highest importance that your documents are safe from theft.

Here at Bell and Sons, we make it our highest priority that your documents are transferred to use safely and destroyed with our high-tech industrial shredders, guaranteeing your documents are pulverised and will be unable to read as they will not be able to be reconstructed by any human or machine.

After destroying your documents, we recycle the paper, making sure that the environment is protected as well as your company.

As mentioned, we also issue a certificate of destruction for each bag of documents you send into us at Bell and Sons. This provides you with notifications of the entire shredding process, from A to Z, guaranteeing you a peace of mind.

It is environmentally friendly

When you use an outsourced shredding company, they will always ensure that all of your sensitive documentation will be recycled with the correct procedure, ensuring that there is minimal impact on the environment and your security.

By pursuing this option, you are not only providing a more eco-friendly option for your company but your company will also be able to comply with the environmental legislation that our country provides.

Plus, your customers will be able to see that you are environmentally friendly and compliant to legislation, resulting in positives views and will assist the expansion of your companies reputation.

A green business is a happy business!

Here at Bell and Sons, we are proud to provide not only office shredding but also home shredding for your private, personal documentation such as bank statements.

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